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October 1998

At the time Fee was a member of Till Dawn as was Jim Ryder and TAG's Doc PC.

After visiting The Tree in September 1998 Fee wrote an email raising her concerns for the health of The Tree and saying how the site looked rather neglected.

Bolan fan Karen suggested planting bulbs. There was a collection and Bolan fans set off to plant the bulbs at the site in October 1998.

Of course this was little knowing that it would shortly be published that the Tree itself had a maximum of three years left before it would be felled if action wasn't taken quickly.

Jim Ryder contacted the local paper who agreed to write an article. Jim's wife Steph took the photograph which was used.

As you can see Fee's daughter Ellie came along and helped. Ellie was aged ten at the time and for her it was simply another visit to the Tree site. A place she'd been visiting since she was a year old.

Fee had visited the Tree site every year since Marc died with one exception - 1989. The reason? The birth of Ellie in August. When her son Rohan Marc was born in December 1980 he was nine months old the following September. It was a hard task taking a baby on the 260 mile round trip journey using trains and the London Underground, but Fee's dedication meant that she made it.

But taking a one month old baby in September 1989 was too much of a challenge and Fee with deep regret, remained at home with her thoughts on that one year.


A Photo Gallery of the Bulb Planting is now available Here. The photos were taken by Fee, other than the ones in which she appears which were taken by Steph Ryder.

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