Photographers: Kev & Fee Warner for TAG - FRIDAY 14th SEPTEMBER 2007




FIRST EVER MARC BOLAN EVENT INSIDE THE SACRED STONES OF STONEHENGE A History Making Event happened on Friday when Club Members went on a Marc's Mystical Roots trip following in the footsteps of Marc & John Peel for to Glastonbury to Climb the Tor.
VIDEO: Early Interview: Marc's Musical Inspirations

At Lunch in the George & Pilgrims Inn, Glastonbury (the oldest purpose built Inn in the South West of England) Club Members not only dined with T-Rex Drummer Paul Fenton and Rob Benson (T-Rex the Band lead singer), but were joined by the Mother of Anton, the little boy who inspired the song Spaceball Richochet as well as Arch Druid for Stonehenge Rollo Maughfling and Hon. Arch Druidess of the Glasontbury Order of Druids Victoria Marsden.

Then after Glowwork talks and plans for the quest the group headed to Stonehenge for TAG's Exclusive, Booking of the World Heritage Site for an Accoustic Performance by Paul Fenton and Rob Benson, Poetry Readings from Marc's Warlock of Love book. Paul Fenton delighted all by reading his poem dedicated to Marc 'The Enchanter'. There was then a Druid Ceremony dedicated to all the members of T-Rex who have passed over: Marc Bolan; Steve Took; Steve Currie and Dino Dines and also Marc's Widow June Bolan (Nee Child) as the sun set and the clouds turned magical shades of golds, oranges, through to pinks and purples. Astoundingly, on the way to Glastonbury the traffic on the motorway was completely halted by a White Swan sitting in the road. As our coach arrived, the swan stood up did a little 'dance' before walking to the 'hard shoulder'!

Everyone returned to London tied but happy, particularly as the performance by Paul Fenton and Rob Benson had "the hairs on the back of club members necks standing on end" because of Rob Benson's amazing ability to sing like Marc. He really is second to none!! After the Stonehenge Event, everyone traveled back to London tired but ecstatic. On the way we toasted Marc & the other Members of T-Rex who have passed over with chilled Champagne which was a gift from Paul Fenton.

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01-before-the-event-signing-the-guest-book 02_rob_reading_from_fees_warlock_of_love
03_rob_reading_from_fees_warlock_of_love 04_Paul_Fenton_&_Rob_Benson_Acoustic_Performance
05_Rob_Benson_Acoustic_Performance 06_Paul_Fenton_&_Rob_Benson_Acoustic_Performance
07_Rob_Benson_Acoustic_Performance 08_Rob_Benson_Acoustic_Performance
09_Paul_Fenton_Acoustic_Performance 10_Paul_Fenton_&_Rob_Benson_Acoustic_Performance
11_Paul_Fenton_&_Rob_Benson_Acoustic_Performance 12_Paul_Fenton_&_Rob_Benson_Acoustic_Performance
13_Paul_Fenton_&_Rob_Benson_Acoustic_Performance 14_Victoria_&_Rollo
15_TAG_Club_Members_Enjoying_The_Show 16_TAG_Club_Members_Enjoying_The_Show
17_TAG_Club_Members_Enjoying_The_Show 18_TAG_Club_Members_Enjoying_The_Show
19_TAG_Club_Members_Enjoying_The_Show 20_TAG_Club_Members_Enjoying_The_Show
21_Before_the_Event-Time_To_Soak_Up_The_Vibes_&_Chat 22_Before_the_Event-Time_To_Soak_Up_The_Vibes_&_Chat
23_Before_the_Event-Time_To_Soak_Up_The_Vibes_&_Chat 24_Before_the_Event-Time_To_Soak_Up_The_Vibes_&_Chat

PHOTO GALLERY: Stonehenge Event by Colm O'Connor
PHOTO GALLERY: Glastonbury by Colm O'Connor


VIDEO: Paul Fenton & Rob Benson - Children of the Revolution 3:01

VIDEO: Paul Fenton & Rob Benson - Debora/Get It On/Debora 3:56

VIDEO: Paul Fenton & Rob Benson - Ride A White Swan 2:36

VIDEO: Paul Fenton & Rob Benson - By the Light of the Magical Moon 2:34

VIDEO: Paul Fenton & Rob Benson - Metal Guru/Spaceball Ricochet 3:43

VIDEO: Paul Fenton Reads 'The Enchanter' 1:48

VIDEO: Sharny Gillings - Mustang Ford 3:31

VIDEO: Part of the Druid Sunset Ceremony 3:35

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