Obsessive Compulsive Cycling Disorder: River Thames Bridges Cycle

OK What's that got to do with Marc?" You may be asking. The article is about a cyclist who as he says himself:-

"I'd had this River Thames Bridges Cycle cycle planned for quite a while before I eventually got the chance to undertake it. I was still Living in Dublin at the time, so had to wait for a holiday back to England before I could take the bike to London. As it turned out, it became just one part of a little tour I completed. On day one, a Thursday, I cycled from Brighton to London and stayed in Greenwich overnight with family. I then completed this bridges cycle on the Friday, which took me from Greenwich to Surbiton." ...

"As I am fascinated with London and its history, I have included Wikipedia links (because they are the authority on all things historical and knowledgeable of course*) to all the named places of interest, so you can click on any that take your fancy and read all about them at your leisure. I'm good like that :)" ... Another musical interlude, well more of a detour really, and a chance to visit a poignant place which I had wanted to see for years, as I knew there was a shrine there. This is where Marc Bolan crashed his Mini 1275GT and died. Poor chap!

You can read the entitle article which is well worth it by clicking HERE (off site link).