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Rock Shrines: Where the Myths Begin and the Stars Become Legends
by Thomas H. Green

CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO & TO BUY THIS BOOK NOWThis Totally FAB Book was published in the UK in March and in the USA this week! Fab Book listing the Top Forty Main Rock Shrines in the world (with ten additional listings allocated 1/5th page each). With lots of additions in 'pouches'. In the case of Marc, these include a copy of his Death Certificate and he is given four full pages too :-) There is a mention of Golders Green and his first home in Hackney, but the majority of the article is about Marc's Rock Shrine in Barnes, London.

Part of a review of this book reads: "Given the fact that dead rock stars remain such a hot commodity, a book like Thomas H. Green's Rock Shrines was probably inevitable. For many fans of these artists, pilgrimages to their grave sites and other such historical markers like Elvis' Graceland Mansion and the Dakota Building (site of John Lennon's 1980 murder) are a necessary, if perhaps ghoulish ritual.

Rock Shrines is, for all intents and purposes, a fans guide to these very same locations. However, to call this book a mere Roadmap Of The Dead Rock Stars doesn't begin to do it the justice it deserves.

Using the theme of these dead rock star shrines as a launching point, Green a British journalist whose work has appeared in Mixmag and Q Magazine has actually assembled a visually striking historical overview of premature rock deaths that is highly detailed, yet also quite readable.

Each of the book's nearly two hundred individual entries is illustrated with beautiful photographs of both the stars and the shrines, along with a brief, but usually very complete composite of the artists' work and impact in both life and death. What emerges is a picture often missed by a media eager to sensationalize the way many of these artists met their premature ends.

Its clear that this book is going to sell-and-sell! With people buying this book world-wide. When they open it up they will find some FAB Coverage of Marc Bolan largely due to his Rock Shrine in Barnes, London. I have the most amazingly warm feeling of happiness knowing that my wife Fee's dedication to the site since I first met her back in 1978 is credited, as it is in this book :-)
Sincerely, TAG Chairman: Kevin Warner

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