Well, the quiz certainly proved quite tricky, especially with some of the answers having two or three parts so that there were a possible 15 points available from the Ten Questions. Some people didn't notice and dropped a point by not answering both parts, while some found Paul's crafty wording caught them out. The 'historical figure' Marc was influenced by when young was not Elvis Presley, as be might be 'historical' now, but he wasn't when Marc was young! Below are the questions with the answers!



1) John’s Children changed their name several times before Marc joined them. What were they called just before he joined?

The Silence

2) Simon Napier-Bell co-wrote the English lyrics to an Italian tune with ‘Ready Steady Go’ Editor Vicki Wickham just before meeting Marc in 1966. What was the title of the song and which famous British female singer recorded it?

Part 1) Your don't have to say you love me
Part 2) Dusty Springfield

3) Jim Economides is credited as the producer of Marc’s first single, but his assistant subsequently claimed to have taken control of the session under Jim’s supervision. What is the name of the assistant? Clue: He was part of the hit singing group The Springfields.

Mike Hurst

4) Name the only Bolan biography to be published during Marc’s lifetime and the name of the author.

Part 1) The Marc Bolan Story
Part 2) George Tremlett

5) Artist George Underwood based elements in his cover for ‘My People Were Fair’ on engravings by which famous 19th century artist (clue he was born in Strasbourg and died in Paris)?

(Paul) Gustave Doré
More on this artist Here
Doré Danté images Here
Compare those images (if you need to) with the My People Artwork

SIDE NOTE: Another "famous 19th century artist" (though maybe not that famous) was also born in Strasbourg and died in Paris. The name of that other 19th Century artist is Marcelle Cahn. However the clues were a) 'HE was born' as Marcelle Cahn was a 'she', and b) the paintings by Marcelle Cahn are in a completely different more modenist style. Still it did catch someone out, as did one entry which answered the final question (10) by listing one of the aliases Marc recorded under as "Mark Feld". Though technically the question should have referred to 'Mark' rather than 'Marc' :-)

6) Which historical figure was an early influence on the teenage Mark Feld’s image and attitudes?

Beau Brumell

7) ‘Sky Church Music’ was an outtake from the mid Seventies sessions at MRI studios in Hollywood. Which of Marc’s musical heroes coined that phrase to describe spiritually uplifting music?

Jimi Hendrix

8) The tea party sequence for ‘Born To Boogie’ was filmed on the private estate of which famous rock star?

John Lennon

9) Which TWO officially unreleased songs (not instrumental jams) did Marc record exclusively for the BBC in 1970 and ’71?

Part 1) My Baby's Like A Cloudfall (1970)
Part 2) Sailors Of The Highway (1971)

10) Name three aliases under which Marc recorded.

Options included ... and let's start with the most obvious ...
1) Marc Bolan
2) Dib Cochran
(and the Earwigs)
3) Zinc Alloy (and The Hidden Riders Of Tomorrow)
4) Big Carrot
5) Toby Tyler

Well done to FIONA JACK from Scotland and JUAN MANUEL ESCRIHUELA from Spain

We think Fiona was helped a little because she already owned the book!
We know we certainly was - proving that there are extra things to know all the time :-)

Cosmic Dancer – The Life and Music of Marc Bolan
Fiona Jack


'My first reaction when I saw the advert for this book was something like, 'Oh God, not another Bolan book!' I mean, what else can one say that hasn't been said already? As a true Bolanite I had bought, and read studiously, every book on Marc's life I could since his untimely passing including the authors' previous Bolan biography, 'Electric Warrior' back in 1979, and yet I still found myself in need of answers. This book provides these answers, and more.

Firstly, I have to say the author has put a massive amount of work and research into this book, which clearly shows, not only his love and knowledge for all things Bolan, but like me, a desire for the truth and the reappraisal the subject deserves.

What intrigued me upon my first reading of the 'Cosmic Dancer' were the depth the author explored and told the story of Marc's early life, his schooling, his love for art and music, which really brought to life, as it were, Marc's passion and enthusiasm at such an early age to be a star. It is plain to see from the text that nothing was going to stop Marc from being a success. And you have to praise Marc's parents, Phyllis and Simeon (Syd), for recognising his talent so early in life and encouraging him at every turn.

Throughout the book, the author takes the reader on a magic carpet ride through three decades of pure rock 'n' roll history and explores in great details the world of Marc Bolan. The story of each album is told in great depth, of how the albums came together, sometimes on the most slender of budgets. Also described in great detail is Marc's increased use of alcohol and drugs and how they led to the break-up of friendships and his marriage and also how they affected his judgement through what I call the 'low period'; i.e. late 1973 to early 1976. (I must admit there were a few occasions upon reading how Marc used people for his own ends and dropped them when his goal had been achieved angered me enough to swear under my breath!)

Overall, 'Cosmic Dancer' is an awesome read for any Bolan fan as well as music fans in general and one that, to me personally, stands head and shoulders above all the other Bolan biographies to date. Packed with rarely seen photographs, it tells the truth based on facts and interviews from those closest to Marc. Sometimes the truth is painful to read, and that's why I love this book. A quote from Andy Ellison on the back cover reads: 'Paul Roland has written the definitive book about Marc Bolan; an overdue reassessment....' Is it the 'Definitive' biography? I cannot answer that, as I believe the answer lies in the eyes of the reader. What I will say is I do not believe anyone could write a more definitive story of Marc Bolan's life other than Marc himself.

Buy it, read it, and enjoy it.

Keep A Little Marc In Your Hearts.


Many Tanx Fiona :-)