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There are certain relevant clauses in the lease agreement between Railtrack and TAG

1) The lease was issued to TAG, in perpetuity. Therefore as long as TAG exists so does the lease.

2) The lease is non-transferable. So TAG cannot transfer it to another Bolan organisation.

3) The lease grants TAG 'privileges' which were to lay the steps and are for the ongoing care of the site and the Tree.

4) The lease also puts a number of responsibilities on TAG which include obtaining all necessary consents from other parties who may be affected by the exercise of these privileges and to maintain the site so that it is safe for members of the public.

5) Where in the opinion of Railtrack action is required in the interests of safety TAG is responsible. This refers to the Steps, the Tree and the surrounding land and means that if Railtrack think that the Tree is becoming unsafe they MUST contact TAG so that we can take whatever action is needed. Therefore Railtrack cannot simply turn up and fell the tree while the land is leased to TAG.

6) Part of TAG's obligations under this lease is that ... If and when the Tree becomes unsafe, TAG is held solely responsible for the felling and disposal of the tree.

TAG have obligations to the Tree to keep it alive, but these must be measured against TAG's obligations to the public for their safety. Therefore TAG's aim for the future is to continue to care for the up keep & maintenance of the Tree site and to continue to try to prevent the Tree from dying for as long as possible.

7) If TAG ceases to exist ALL work done by TAG at the site MUST be removed and the site returned to the same state as when TAG leased the land. Yes that does mean TAG would have to remove the steps and the calliper off the tree, which would make it unsafe and liable for immediate felling. In addition, because the site is no longer leased to TAG the council or Railtrack could then fell the Tree without consultation with any other person, on safety grounds.

For over twenty-two years Railtrack maintained the land in whatever way they saw fit.

Pieces of the Tree have been removed without consultation with Bolan fans. For many years the Tree had two trunks, but seven or eight years ago one of these trunks was removed. This as you can imagine came as a very distressing shock to the people who visited it at that time and subsequently because they were not consulted at all. The Tree has also had the top removed a number of times since 1977.

Therefore after over twenty-two years during which time NO Marc Bolan & T.Rex fan was consulted the Tree and land have finally been leased by people who care!

For the first time - TAG members, both the Marc Bolan & T.Rex fan members and the 'hands-on' 'expert' members are committed to the long-term care of both the Tree and the Site.

TAG members give their time free-of-charge.

However, your support in buying TAG Goodies will help Us help You!

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