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Marc Bolan/T-Rex Related Deaths - R.I.P.

In Date Order

Steve Peregrin Took - Died 27th October 1980. Aged 31.
(Born 28th July 1949).

Steve choked to death on a cocktail cherry.
He lived and died in Ladbroke Grove and is buried in Kensal Green Cemetery, at the end of Ladbroke Grove.
Steve, like Marc is survived by one son, called 'Luke Took' with 'Luke' to rhyme with the Scottish (or correct Tolkien pronunciation) of 'Took'. Steve Took was also step-father to Lemmy's son Paul.
  Visit Steve Took's Domain

Steve Currie - Died 28th April 1981. (Born 20th May 1947).
Bassist - Steve was killed in a car crash in Portugal, near his home at Val Da Parra where he had recently moved. After T. Rex Steve worked briefly with Wreckless Eric, contributing the bass line for "Telephoning Home", and Chris Spedding. Steve featured on the Spedding album "Guitar Graffiti".

Phyllis Winifred Feld (nee Atkins) - Died 11th January 1991.
Marc's Mum.

Simeon (Sid) Feld - Died 19th September 1991.
Marc's Dad.
Both Marc's parents died in 1991 when their grandson Rolan was only fifteen. Sid died eight months after his wife just three days after Marc's fourteenth anniversary and just before Rolan's sixteenth birthday.

June Ellen Bolan (nee Child) - Died 31st August 1994.
June died of a heart attack while on holiday in Turkey. Her Funeral was held on September 21st 1994. June left one daughter, Ilona whose father was in the 'Chin and Chapman' 'stable' band 'Arrows'. June's long time partner Graham Porter has also since died, and like Marc and Steve Currie, it was in a motor accident.

  An Account of June's Memorial Service
  Fee's account of Meeting June.

Tony Secunda - Died 12th February 1995. Aged 54. (born 24 August 1940).
Tony died of a heart attack.
He was Marc's manager in 1971, around the period when Get It On came out. He set up 'T. Rex Wax Co.' in 1972. The success of Get It On in America (in fact, it was the only American hit for T. Rex) is largely a result of Tony Secunda's management.

Chelita Secunda (nee - Salvatori ) journalist and fashion stylist: born in London 1 January 1945; married Tony Secunda (one daughter; marriage dissolved); died in Marrakesh 7th March 2000.- Died 7th March 2000. Aged 55.

With a single swipe of her finger, Chelita Secunda helped kickstart a style revolution when, in 1970, she sent Marc Bolan onto Top of the Pops with a subversive smudge of glitter under his eyes; Bolan's stylist, as much as the pop star himself, was the snake- skinned, be-ringed and mascara'd prototype for the glam rock generation.

Chelita's origins were equally glamorous. She was born Chelita Salvatori to a wealthy white Trinidadian family - her mother, Connie, was English, and her father's family, of Corsican origin, owned a department store in Port of Spain; her father George was a racing car enthusiast. As a girl, Chelita was sketched by Picasso, and was educated at the Lycee in South Kensington, London, and in Paris, from where she ran away because, as her childhood friend Barry Powell recalls, "she hated the nuns". When she was 18, her father died from burns after his yacht had blown up. Returning to London in 1963, Chelita Salvatori was taken up by the photographer Norman Parkinson, a family friend whose introductions helped launch her into the fluid 1960s society: "It was like, ..Have you met John Lennon? And this is Princess Margaret'", recalled the artist Kevin Whitney. Parkinson also introduced her to Harpers Bazaar, beginning a career in journalism during which she worked for IPC (as features editor for Woman), and as fashion editor of Nova.

She also met and married the pop manager Tony Secunda, described by the writer Johnny Rogan as "one of the great sensationalists of the Sixties", who was responsible for Procul Harum, the Moody Blues and the Move, and who was famously sued for libelling Harold Wilson on a postcard promoting the Move's 1967 hit "Flowers In The Rain". In 1966, when the designer Ossie Clark's collection combined blue and green, "a radical breakthrough" according to Henrietta Rous, Secunda "dyed her hair blue to celebrate and became his PR". She joined Ossie Clark and Alice Pollock's venture, Quorum, as promoter of Clark's designs, and would work with Sir Mark Palmer in his model agency, English Boy.

Soon Chelita was on phone number terms with the Beatles and the Stones, and was responsible for hiring such models as Kari-Ann Jagger and Amanda Lear - later to become cover girls for Roxy Music, a band whose style owed something to Secunda's own glamorous image. She pre- empted glam rock with her "mad rainbow eye make-up - green and orange, her cheeks highlighted in pink, and over that, reflective diamonds and sequins". Nancy Howard recalled her "angular features" were difficult to photograph, "a bit Cruella de Vil - but she had this dazzling smile and of course a biting wit, which she was famous for".

In 1970 Chelita was engaged by Marc Bolan's wife June as PR for Bolan's group T.Rex. As the producer Tony Visconti recalled, "Chelita saw that Marc was very pretty. It was her idea to take Marc round town and hit the women's shops, getting him the feather boas and the beautifully embroidered jackets he wore. [She] was the first person to really make up Marc. She didn't just put some eye make-up on him, she threw glitter on his cheeks." In 1972 Chelita made a cameo appearance in Bolan's film, Born To Boogie, dressed as a nun.

But Chelita's contract with rock was a fateful one. She set up a meeting - "in her typically Machiavellian way" between her ex- husband and Bolan in 1971, a deal sealed with "pure amphetamine sulphate" produced by "some crazy French guy" as Tony Secunda recalled. "She could be quite insecure," recalled Bolan's subsequent manager, Tony Howard, "a lot of it was veneer and facade". Having previously spurned stimulants - "alcohol bored her to tears," said Whitney - Secunda now began a descent into rock and roll excess.

Ossie Clark's diaries record a sordid but familiar sequence of the era: Chelita's drug sorties for members of the Stones, her "smack binges" and, inevitably, her drug busts. In 1979 Chelita left London for Trinidad with the intention of "escaping the smack stigma and setting up a small hotel," wrote Clark - himself now an addict - but was arrested again for cocaine possession. "I never thought she'd recover," said Duggie Field, "I thought I'd never want to see her again." But Chelita did recover, attending Narcotics Anonymous; in 1988 she went to the Wiltshire clinic "Clouds", and kicked the habit. Like her friends Anita Pallenberg and Marianne Faithfull, "they all made their journeys in recovery in the same way," recalled Field, "Anita was a big inspiration to Chelita."

With the help of friends, Chelita resumed her work in journalism. In the mid-1980s she became the London correspondent for the Parisian magazine City; and later performed the same role for the influentual Japanese magazine Hanatsubaki. Jarman gave her a part in his 1986 film Caravaggio. She was a survivor in spite of, or even because of, the vicissitudes. Chelita remained a fashion doyenne and first nighter, a favoured muse for designers such as Stephen Jones and Julien MacDonald, who willingly gave her clothes and hats to wear - she never looked anything less than spectacular ("You never saw her in jeans," recalled Nancy Howard).

Chelita organised the Alternative Miss World competitions for Andrew Logan, who had known her since the early days - "this diminutive little person driving round in a Bentley with a pair of King Charles spaniels". Logan's 1987 portrait shows her clad in a bright yellow turban, with a heart containing a portrait of her daughter, Tallulah. Chelita had only recently moved to Marrakesh, where she had been working single- handedly to open a hotel, an effort which may have brought on the heart attack that killed her. "Chelita was one of the most dynamic people I've ever met," said Logan. Chelita was already a legend among her friends: Duggie Field remembered one evening as he and the designer Manolo Blahnik waited in a taxi for Chelita to get ready for a party. At the last minute, she decided not to go, at which point Blahnik got out of the cab, declaring, "I can't go anywhere if I haven't got Bianca or Chelita on my arm."
  Black and White Photo of Chelita Secunda

Richard Jones - Died 13th April 2001.
Music producer Richard Jones was the brother of Gloria Jones and uncle to Marc and Gloria's son Rolan. Richard was in his car following Marc and Gloria as they approached 'The Tree' in the early hours of September 16th 1977.
Click Here for Richard Jones' Memorial Service Front Cover. Scan by Club Member John Brooks - Tanx :-)

Tony Howard - Died 26 November 2001. Aged 62.
Tony was Marc's last Manager.
He died after being in a coma for nearly 20 days.

Alphi O' Leary - Died 21st February 2002.
Marc's chauffeur.
Sang some back up on the "It's a T.Rexmas" clip. Alphi had been fighting a long and courageous battle with cancer. After Marc died Alphi became Eric Clapton's personal assistant and remained so for over 20 years.

Mickey Finn - Died 11th January 2003. Aged 55. (born 3rd June 1947).
Mickey died at the Mayday Hospital.
He was the man most associated with Marc's success.

Musically, Mickey appeared, playing bongos on the The Blow Monkeys song Forbidden Fruit (Album 'Animal Magic' 1986 RCA). He did of course, then go on to be in 'Mickey Finn's T-Rex' in the late 1990's up until his death.

Peter (Dino) Dines - Died 28th January 2004.
(Born in in Hertford on December 17th 1944).
Keyboards. A member of T-Rex from 1973 to 1977. Dino died from a heart attack. Prior to joining T-Rex, dino was a founder member of the Keef Hartley Band. In 1968 the band was joined by Miller Anderson as vocalist and lead guitarist. Like Dino, Miller would go on to join T-Rex in 1976.
  Dino's Musician's Olympus Page

Keith Morris. Born in 1938. Missing since June 2005
Keith is missed by his many, many friends including Kev & Fee of TAG.
Regular runner in the London Marathon (including completing the 2005 run).
Keith was world renowned as a diver and died doing what he loved - diving.
Keith remains missing presumed Dead since June 17th 2005
Keith leaves two daughters although he is reunited with his son who also died in a diving accident at the age of just fifteen.
  Watch the Video dedicated to Keith produced by Kev for TAG.
  The video contains Interview footage with just a few of Keith's wonderful photos of Marc 'n' Mickey
  Keith Morris Memorial Celebration. Report & photos. An evening when some of Keith's friends from Diving, Motorcycles, Music & Journalism came together to Celebrate the Life of Keith Morris.
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  MILAN MIKSE: 4/7/59 - 22/4/07 - singer/songwriter/guitarist

Milan was been the webmaster of the brilliant German website: Milan started playing in bands at a very young age, initially as a drummer in a band called 'Keen' then formed another band called 'Jeepster', and went on to become a talented singer/songwriter/guitarist in TANX. He had a hilarious sense of humor. Milan had suffered from a stroke and passed away ... His death is a big loss to the bolan world ... Click Here to Read More

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