Hover your mouse over the images for details. We arrived at the site in dappled sun shine and as usual we hadn't been there long before we met our first visitors (see the photos below).

We also met the lovely man from the Local Council & chatted for a while before he headed off on his 'round'. We forgot to take his photo. We would like to thank him for including Marc's Shrine in his route along Queen's Ride/Gipsy Lane. He told us he visits the site every two weeks which examplains why there was less rubbish that usual. It was nice to meet the person actually doing that work :-) As stated in the Scheduled Work one annoying thing is the increase in candle wax deposits on the sleepers in particular the one infront of the Memorial. In addition to the right of the Memorial (as you look at the site from Gipsy Lane) is a dead trunk covered with ivy. Here we discovered literally dozens of empty tea light metal 'cups' all stuffed in behind the ivy :-( It is so distressing that people who call themseves fans can carry unused tealights to the site, but cannot be bothered to take them away again afterwards.

In a couple of the photos below Kev can be seen doing a repair to one of the steps. He does such 'running maintenance' on a regular basis, but as we never mention it and Kev doesn't like being photographed it seems many people think the site stays 'as is' on its own which is not at all true. In the Spring we have scheduled some major works at the site. You can read a summary of these Here.

Report written by Mrs. Fee Warner (TAG Secretary)
Contents as per instructions of TAG Chairman Kevin Warner Esq. Any comments or queries should therefore be addressed directly to Mr. Kevin Warner.

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025-even-after-much-scrapping-the-candle-wax-is-still-unsightly 026-more-unsightly-candle-wax-splatter-by-the-thoughtless  

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