MEMORIAL PLAQUE CEREMONY - September 17th 2005

  Just as it was for the Bronze Bust Unveiling Ceremony in 2002, the sun was shining on the morning of the Memorial Plaque Ceremony.

  After chatting to fans for a while, I was aware that a stunning blonde-haired woman had arrived. This was of course, June's Daughter Ilona making her first 'Public Bolan Appearance' (as so to speak). It is a great honour to have her & June's dear friend Deni present. They spent some time looking at the Memorial Plaques & at the messages on the Notice Board & Tree. It's interesting that the last time I met Ilona she was a baby & I was wearing the waistcoat I wore for the Memorial Plaque Ceremony. Some things are too treasured to ever get rid of - and the waistcoat June said she liked in 1978 is quite simply one of those things.

  Just before 11:30 am Mickey Finn's girlfriend Heidi, arrived with Paul Fenton & Tony Allday of Mickey Finn's T-Rex (now T-Rex the band). For Paul it was obviously difficult because when he was at the Tree Site last, it was 2002 & Mickey was at his side. Mickey's death also hit Tony hard as he was the band member who always chauffeured Mickey to & from gigs. They were close friends. It was a pleasure to meet them all again, especially Heidi whom I hadn't seen since Mickey's Memorial Concert in 2003.

  After Paul, Tony & Heidi had looked at the Memorial Plaques & messages it was time to make the Presentations, which was completely nerve-wracking for me. I read out the Email & written messages from those who couldn't be there, but due to nerves I forgot to mention anyone who telephoned their good wishes.

  Emails were received from
Jeff Dexter;
Tony Visconti;
Bill Legend;
Steve Currie's Sister;
Rolan Bolan, who sent his love and respect for the events which will take place for himself & his mum Gloria.
Steve Currie's mum sent us a lovely notelet saying how much she appreciated her son receiving credit for his part in the success of T-Rex.
  Telephone Messages included those from
Mickey Finn's Mum;
Mick O'Halleron who was delighted that finally the other members of the band were to be credited as he felt they should be;
Jack Green;
Steve Took's friend Jenny Ashworth;
Larry (Pink Fairies/Motorhead/Steve Took's Shagrat) Wallis;
Tookie's son Luke who is currently in Australia; Luke's Mum Lou.

  I prepared Presentations for each of the people being remembered. Each contained an artist's impression of the Memorial Plaque, an appropriate photograph & details of the presentation with the date of the Memorial Plaque Ceremony. You can see small versions of each presentation at the bottom of this page.

  The photograph for Steve Took's Presentation was that of the Unicorn Album which is universally acclaimed as the very finest Tyrannosaurus Rex album. The photograph used for Steve Took's plaque was taken in 1972 by Keith Morris. As co-researcher of Steve Took's Biography & contributor to 'Steve Took's Domain' (along with myself in both cases), David Mantell accepted Steve Took's Presentation on behalf of Luke Took in Australia. A second Presentation will be going to Luke's Mum Lou.

  The photograph for Steve Currie's Presentation was a 'pin-up' from an early 1970's girls' magazine showing all four T-Rex Members. The image for Steve Currie's plaque also came from an early 1970's magazine 'pin up'. Two presentations will be sent: one for Steve Currie's Mum & one for his sister.

  For June's Presentation four stills of June as a nun from the 'Mad Hatter's Tea Party' scene in 'Born to Boogie' were used, much to the delight of Ilona's partner. The photograph used for June's plaque was taken by Keith Morris & is Ilona's favourite. Ilona accepted her presentation & you could see that she was delighted with it.

  The photograph for Mickey Finn's Presentation was a copy of the front cover of the UK girls' magazine 'Mirabel' which reads "Marc & Mickey aren't they lovely'. The image for Mickey's plaque is from an early 1970's girls' magazine full-page 'pin-up'. Mickey's girlfriend Heidi received Mickey's presentation & a second copy will be hand delivered to Mickey's Mum as soon as possible.

  The photograph for Dino Dines' Presentation came from a photo shoot of the final line-up of T-Rex (photographer unknown) & his presentation will be sent to his family as soon as we can.


  After the Ceremony (and "Glow Worm Talks & Plans for the Quest"), guests walked the short distance to the restaurant for the Reception. TAG just raised enough money for the plaques & mounting boards so there were no plans to have a Reception. However, due to the generosity of the family & friends of some of those being remembered with Memorial Plaques who offered to donate we were delighted to be able to have a small Reception using the same venue TAG used for the Bronze Bust Unveiling Reception for Marc's 25th Anniversary in 2002.

  Music for the reception was provided by the Double CD compiled by 'The Blow Monkeys' Dr. Robert: "T-REX - CHILDREN OF THE REVOLUTION - An Introduction to Marc Bolan" & every so often Paul Fenton would exclaim "Hey I'm on this one!" which would start him reminiscing about his time with Marc, much to the delight of everyone seated around.

  At the reception I had time to chat to Ilona & June's friend Denni who told me he was one of the people I had telephoned in my quest to track June down & the house in Fulham where I'd met June was actually his home! I was very interested to hear that June had kept in touch with both Mickey Finn & Steve Took after they had left Marc and this continued past the time when Marc died. As I'm researching Tookie's Biography it's always great to find out more about 'His Tookness' (as he has been referred to by some of his Pink Fairy Chums).

  After the Reception was over & we'd said our goodbyes to most of the guests we walked back to the Tree Site. We talked to German the fans about that fatel night & I drove them round to look at Marc's last house before dropping them off at Barnes Train Station. Then it was time to head back to Brighton (well Hove Actually!) tired, but happy :-)
Laser Love
Written Monday 19th September.

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In reply to Emily's Question "There's one question I have for you regarding the plaques. I noticed in one photo showing the plaques on the steps that there are five plaques on the first step. Who's plaque is located on the far right off by it'self?"

The plaque on the far right of the Top Step as you look up the steps is a new plaque which replaces the original TAG one on the Second Step as this step is now for later T-Rex Band Members. The original plaque was made of brass which did not stand the weather well. As the plaques on the steps needed to be the same we decided to go with the fabulous acrylic ones we have now where the design is sealed under a clear acrylic front. We decided it would have looked strange keeping one tarnished brass plaque along with the new ones.


All photos Kev Warner & TAG 2005


After the Plaque Ceremony ... in the warm sun sunshine. VIDEO:
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The Ceremony

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